Mathew Fry

Mathew has entered this Hambster which was built by Barry Hartshorne and Matthey Fry in a tin shed in under 4 months for under 5 grand. Both Mathew and Barry drive and both are licensed with a super stock licence through ANDRA.

It is a 1930's fiberglass reproduction T-bucket body made by Brass Knuckle Hot Rods powered by a 225 slant with cylinder head porting, 340 V8 valve springs and has the bottom end balanced using american racing products bolts. The hamster is only allowed to have 6 inch rubber.

There are approximately 20 Hambster's in Australia which currently have currently no classification with ANDRA so run in the hotrod group. Hambster's started from a internet forum group called HAMB (honkey ass message board) and have been in Australia for approximately 5 years.

The best time for this machine is 13.3 @ 98.7 miles an hour running rag wall tires and utilising side steer which is run due to the age.  It uses pre 1962 technology with 11 inch drum brakes on rear only.

Mathew's goal is to get over 100mph at this years mopar sunday. A 13.5 sec pass should
13.5 should enable this. Good luck boys, we look forward to seeing it in action!