Drag Racing:

Mopar Sunday Drag Racing is open to every and any Mopar.

Whether brand new, restored, original, showpiece or dedicated drag car, modified street car or stock rides or even pro stock, its a fantastic celebration of all that is Mopar and Chrysler.

Give your Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Valiant, Charger, DeSoto, Plymouth, Ram, Dodge Truck, Fargo, AMC, Eagle or any other Mopar powered machine a run down Willowbanks 1/4 mile against other Mopars.

Mopar Sunday is a relaxed day for likeminded enthusiasts featuring a morning Test & Tune session, followed by Bracket racing in a diall your own time format.


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'Heads Up' Pro Tree

10.99 & under

11 sec to 12.99

13 sec to 14.99

15 sec & over

Quickest Run of the Day

Best Reaction Time of the Day

Lowest ET 4Cyl Modern Mopar

Lowest ET 6Cyl Modern Mopar

Lowest ET 8Cyl + Modern Mopar

Lowest ET Modern Mopar 4x4

La Spina Bro’s Award - Mopar Mad Man